Our Vision, Mission & Core Values

Our Vision

SCR Management is a creative and imaginative group of talented professionals who care about creation and people. We will work as teams to solve local, national and global natural resource management issues and create innovative solutions and services that support good stewardship, build healthy communities and give a future and hope for future generations to enjoy our forests and farms.


SCR Management is a dynamic natural resources management consulting company that creates value for the natural resources and bio-products sector.  We strive to be innovative, sustainable, profitable and socially responsible for our clients because we focus on good stewardship as part of natural resource management. We are concerned with national and global environmental issues which we work hard to provide sustainable solutions and services to our clients.

Core Values

Trust We will build trust within our company and with our customers
Compassion We will have compassion for people, and the earth
Innovation We will seek to understand, not be understood
Excellence We will strive to be excellent in all we do
Quality Our services will reflect our hard work
Value Our services will have excellent value for our customers
Work-life balance We will be support healthy people and lifestyles
Life-long learning We will support personal growth and personal development
Giving back We will be involved in our community to support a vibrant and healthy place to live