About Us

SCR Management Incorporated

Is a Canadian consulting and management company based in Victoria, British Columbia, with a US affiliate in California. Since 2004, SCR has been creating value and innovating stewardship by providing consulting services in the natural resources sector. Our services focus on:
• applied forestry and agricultural research,
• forest inventory,
• fuels management,
• forest valuation,
• bioenergy commercialization, feasibility and development,
• forest and agricultural land management,
• farm business planning and
• sustainable real estate development.

Over the past decade, we have worked with universities, First Nations groups, municipalities, and non- profit organizations along with forestry and agricultural companies.

As a company, we are committed to sustainable economic development which supports good ecosystem-based forestry and agricultural practices that will in turn, benefit people, the environment and the economy.

Our company’s employees share this passion for stewardship and commitment to environmental sustainability in everything we do. Our staff and professional affiliates provide services that are high quality, efficient and cost effective for clients. We value providing a company culture that supports our people’s personal and professional growth and development while also supporting global initiatives for sustainable forestry and agriculture.